Ohhh, it’s so dreary. The fall shoulder season. Colors fade, the light dims and shortens, and the sun has lost its warmth. When it’s out, that is.  At least the holiday frenzy is ramping up, so there’s not so much time to dwell on the vanishing pleasantries of a beautiful fall. In fact, hey, our hearths are once again warmed by friendly flickering fires and visiting friends sharing meals. Bonfire season warms our bones & hot mulled wine and whiskey warms our bellies.

For photography, it’s black and white season…

Silverton Colorado

Silverton Colorado

Well right, this isn’t exactly black and white. But it does give a visual explanation of why it might as well be! Not much color here at all, yet I find I enjoy the subtle tones of what IS there. Fall colors are definitely gone, and winter isn’t quite full on, especially considering Silverton’s elevation at 9,318 feet! That doesn’t mean there won’t be ice on the road to contend with though. This road into Silverton from Durango Colorado where I took this image is a real nail biter. I seem to remember berating my husband for not chaining up.

A little closer to home, taken just outside of Stanley Idaho, this little cabin looked so forlorn and dwarfed by its background of mountains whose heads were already lost to winter. I felt kinda sad for it…

Little Cabin

Forlorn Little Cabin

Here’s the original cheerier, warmer version of it. Which I guess shows even in late fall the golden grasses still bring us color. Which do you like better?

A warmer version of Little Cabin

A still kinda Forlorn Little Cabin

Here at home in McCall the lake is motionless. I love that. Obviously the reflections are amazing. But I love too, that breathtaking stillness that I can’t help but stop and listen to.

Listen to Stillness

Listen to Stillness

Listen to stillness? Yes. The boats are gone, the swimmers are bundled up in down, finding their fun elsewhere. Even the birds are scarce as most have made their way to warmer climes. After the bright, busy summer, this feels suddenly priceless. Motion-less.



It’s amazing to me how many folks respond to this concept when I bring it up. How many long for quiet, for stillness to listen to. I thought I was the only whacko. And if this sounds whacko but you feel a bit curious? Next time you find yourself in any kind of outdoor stillness (and I recommend seeking it out if it’s not readily available), stop your own motion and just…..listen.

The Big Stillness

Wrapped In Stillness

Thanks for listening to my mental wanderings, and I hope you enjoyed these visions of transition from the season of color to the season of Black & White.  Share if you did! and thanks.

Connie McClaran

My work is an expression of the deep connection I feel with the natural world. When I’m on a photographic “walkabout” I allow the lines of separation to blur and settle into an immersion, if you will, that becomes the images you’ll see on this website.

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